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I used to be a full-time aesthetician was in August 2016, decided to learn Microblading as a side job. I was looking for something that motivates me and to satisfy my thirst for creation. I would never think this side job will become a full-time job one day.

I will tell you my story if you like, but for now, Let’s celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Canada Microblading.

for the 3rd anniversary of Canada Microblading, I’m giving away 3 gift cards $50 value to 3 Winners ( one GC per winner) also for the month of August 2019 all gift cards are available to purchase online with %10 off the regular price.

So if your appointment is coming up, go ahead and purchase yourself a gift card at a lower rate.

To win the gift cards all you need is to tag a friend or just leave a comment (whatever you like) to enter the draw. Each comment is one entry. I will announce the winner on September 2nd.

All gift cards can be used towards all services that I offer in all locations in 📍Toronto or Thunder Bay. .

Are you a beginner? Well, this post is for you 🤗.

What’s your weak point when it comes to Microblading brows?

Head strokes? Transition strokes? Upper strokes? Lower strokes? Spine? Mapping? Haha, 😆 the list can go on!

Believe it or not, I was always struggling with transition and never, Neeever I thought I’m doing anything wrong with the upper strokes 🤷🏼‍♀️ but guess what?

In My perfection training with Grand Master Vesna Jugovic I couldn’t pass the upper strokes level for almost two weeks. I'm telling you, almost everything was wrong, all little details that I never knew I'm missing!

Yeah for around two weeks, I guess I just had to practice all different ways of doing a right form of just upper strokes to get them right 😤 Never in my Microblading life, I thought I had that much problem to perform the upper strokes. other levels have different stories too, 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️hahaha.

Now after all those corrections and helps by my dear master, When I’m going to blade the upper stokes, I always remember her comments: Don’t do this, don’t do that, that’s too long, it’s too short, more space, less gap, yes dear, that’s better, you got it, yes,🥳 it's beautiful.

Now, if you are still here, I’m gonna share a lesson with you. When it comes to the first pass, from the head to the tails of the brows, skin has different thickness, which means the head part is thicker than the tail end. So you must make sure when you do your first pass, start with the head strokes and gradually lower your hand pressure as you go toward the ends.

The picture shows the skin after the first pass before filling the strokes. In this case, we need to work more on the head part and make them more visible, while with only maybe one more pass the upper strokes must be done and filled in enough.

As an artist you just have to make sure to put on the proper weight and pressure, while working on the skin, plus never underestimate the importance perfection trainings, and be patient, your Master knows better than you, I’m telling ya 😉

Summary: Put on proper weight but Don't wait forever. Love ya 💋

Beginners Tips

Building their brows one hair stroke at the time. As an artist, you should know that paying attention to the hair growth direction is one of the most important and fundamental aspects in Microblading.

To achieve the best and the most natural look, you must always follow the direction of the hair and build and mimic the pattern and form the shape as you go to the end of brows.

My advice for beginners is when you practice on latex, make sure to practice what you are weak at and challenge yourself with different directions and different patterns.

Imagine that you get a client that her/his brows are like none of your other clients! What are you gonna do? If your hand is not trained to slide the blade in different directions, you’re screwed! And you will mess up that face too!

So challenge yourself and practice things that you are not good at. Practicing what you are already good at, is a waste of talent! Practice on what you can’t and see what comes next!

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