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Beginners Tips

Building their brows one hair stroke at the time. As an artist, you should know that paying attention to the hair growth direction is one of the most important and fundamental aspects in Microblading.

To achieve the best and the most natural look, you must always follow the direction of the hair and build and mimic the pattern and form the shape as you go to the end of brows.

My advice for beginners is when you practice on latex, make sure to practice what you are weak at and challenge yourself with different directions and different patterns.

Imagine that you get a client that her/his brows are like none of your other clients! What are you gonna do? If your hand is not trained to slide the blade in different directions, you’re screwed! And you will mess up that face too!

So challenge yourself and practice things that you are not good at. Practicing what you are already good at, is a waste of talent! Practice on what you can’t and see what comes next!

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