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Microblading + Shading

Powder Brows 

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16 -17 OCTOBER 2022, TORONTO


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Learn more about the PHISHADING training program

PhiShading is a Combination technique of Phibrows Microblading & Manual
Shading. Through the fundamental concept of this education, you have the chance to not only gain deep knowledge of Phibrows Microblading & Manual Shading but also you will learn different stroke patterns such as Spine 6 Phibrows, Spine 6 S-stroke pattern, Spine 3 S-stroke pattern, Upper & Lower S-strokes, Asian Spine and much more.

This education is a complete 3 in 1 course that guides you step by step, gradually preparing you to use your potential to the maximum and absorb all the knowledge starting from basic to advanced levels all in one course.

What will you learn? 

  • The Phi Story

  • Welcome Guide

  • Artist & Clients

  • Proper Sanitary Measures

  • Professional Kit Introduction

  • Pigment & Colour Theory

  • Post Treatment Observance

  • Eyebrow Morphology

  • Skin Theory

  • Medical Condition - Consent Form

  • How to Work on Live Model

  • Different Spine & Stroke Patterns

  • Touch up Performance

  • Healed Result

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Level 1- Shaping on Paper

  • Level 2- Head Strokes

  • Level 3- Transition

  • Level 4- Spine

  • Level 5- Upper Strokes

  • Level 6- Bottom Strokes

  • Level 7- Spine Strokes

  • Level 8- PhiShading On Latex

  • Level 9- Shaping on a live Model

  • Level 10- PhiBrows on a live model

  • Level 11- PhiShading on a live model

  • Level 12- Theory Exam

How will you learn? 

Phi-Academy educations can be done through in-class workshops following by ongoing online training. Students who sign up for the online platform can start the course immediately after registration. They also have a chance to attend in-class practical sessions by paying the price difference. 

The online education platform called "CRAFT MASTER". This is the world’s biggest online educational platform in the beauty industry featuring 300+ different online courses taught by worldwide masters.

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Phibrows online training by PhiShading master neda mehrvarz offers online phibrows and canada microblading academy in Phibrows toronto